Hear from everyday change-makers who are working to stop overdoses. Learn from those who are helping to put a human face on the overdose crisis in our province. Powerful stories that can help others heal, provide hope and remind us of our humanity. Share these stories with others and get involved in your community. Together we can build greater awareness about overdose.

Woman sits outside on a hill looking out at the view, contemplating mental wellness

Difference Between Mental Health and Mental Illness

People are more aware now than ever before of how important it is to talk about mental health and mental illness. You might hear these terms more often. You...
Man with grey beard smiles as younger woman supports him to resolve trauma

The Connection Between Trauma and Addiction

Deeply painful or disturbing experiences can have long-lasting effects on people. These imprints are known as trauma and can lead people to look for ways to...
Medical professional speaks to patient about substance use treatment options

What is Opioid Agonist Treatment?

Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) is a medical condition that can be treated. Opioid agonist treatment (OAT) is usualy the first medication a healthcare professional...
Young woman uses drug alert services on cellphone to find out about dangerous drugs in the area

Get Drug Alerts to Reduce Risk of Overdose

On average, four British Columbians are dying from overdose every single day because of an unregulated and highly-toxic drug supply.
Peer support worker at Our Place harm reduction society in Victoria British Columbia

Why We Need Harm Reduction Facilities

Supervised Consumption Sites (SCS) and Overdose Prevention services (OPS) are evidence-based harm reduction strategies essential to our overdose crisis...
Young family spending time together

Women and Substance Use: An Interview with Ann Livingston

For more than two decades, Ann Livingston has worked tirelessly to promote harm reduction and the rights of people who use drugs in Vancouver’s Downtown...
Male mechanic works on vehicle

How Injury and Tragedy led to Substance Use

“I was working in the automotive industry; about 1,500 guys were working there all at once,” says John. “When you have that many guys, something’s going to be...
The memorial displays brightly-coloured flags with names of people who have died of overdose

Overdose Memorial Spreads Message of Hope

A powerful symbol of the scale of B.C.’s overdose emergency extends along a stretch of highway on Vancouver Island. It includes almost four thousand pieces of...
Man with lived experience of substance use looks emotional as he discusses stigma

Nelson Comes Together to Fight Stigma and Overdose

Anyone can be affected by addiction and the overdose crisis – a fact poignantly brought to light in a new video series created by ANKORS, a group dedicated to...
Person disposes of discarded needle safely by placing into plastic bottle

How to Dispose of a Needle Safely

Have you ever found a discarded needle in your community or a public area? This can be a distressing experience, especially if you don’t know what to do. In...