Hear from everyday change-makers who are working to stop overdoses. Learn from those who are helping to put a human face on the overdose crisis in our province. Powerful stories that can help others heal, provide hope and remind us of our humanity. Share these stories with others and get involved in your community. Together we can build greater awareness about overdose.

Harm Reduction Work is Positively Impacting Lives

While overdose deaths are alarmingly high in British Columbia, there are people dedicating their life’s work to supporting safer substance use and helping...
A man holds someone's hand, supporting them to use overdose prevention and supervised consumption sites

Safe Spaces that Help Stop Overdoses

The street drug supply in B.C. is highly toxic. Visiting overdose prevention sites and supervised consumption services can help prevent overdose when using...
Young woman in downtown of a city looks off into the distance

Stay Safer as Overdose Deaths Increase

The illegal drug supply in B.C. is more toxic than ever and unpredictable. Learn life saving steps to stay safer if you or someone you know uses substances.
The Peer2Peer project created a support model for peers called the ROSE model – R-Recognition, O-Organizational Support, S-Skill Development, and E-for Everyone.

Peer2Peer Project Helps Save Lives in Overdose Emergency

Peer engagement has been at the forefront of harm reduction efforts since the beginning of the overdose crisis, and before its start. The Peer2Peer project...
Man holds cup of coffee on balcony, thinking about men's mental health

Signs of Depression in Men

Depression is a beast. It’s different from normal sadness in that it consumes your day-to-day life and interferes with your ability to work, study, eat, sleep...
Father sits with son and supports him by talking about mental health

Supporting Youth Mental Health with the New Normal

As of May 18, B.C. has entered “Phase Two” of re-opening the province in a safe and healthy way. With new transitions, it is natural for youth to feel stress,...
Person holds their cell phone, which shows the Lifeguard app on the phone screen

The New Lifeguard App Can Help Prevent Overdose Death

The overdose emergency has caused a heartbreaking amount of loss in B.C. A new made-in-B.C. app gives people who use drugs one more way to stay safer. If you...
Dr. Bonnie Henry discusses the experiences of people who face addiction.

Addiction is a Health Condition

There are different reasons why people use substances. Some people who use substances do not experience challenges. But for those who do struggle with...
Registered Clinical Counsellor, Alexandra, reflects on helping women with their mental health during and after pregnancy

Mental Health and Substance Use Supports for New Mothers

Pregnancy and motherhood can be one of the most beautiful and exciting times; it can also be stressful and isolating. For women experiencing mental health or...
Woman looks out window thinking about ways to stay safer

Preventing Withdrawal & Other Harms During 2 Health Emergencies

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone needs to take steps to be safe. For people who use drugs or alcohol, get information about reducing the risk of...