Hear from everyday change-makers who are working to stop overdoses. Learn from those who are helping to put a human face on the overdose crisis in our province. Powerful stories that can help others heal, provide hope and remind us of our humanity. Share these stories with others and get involved in your community. Together we can build greater awareness about overdose.

Guy Felicella Proves Harm Reduction Saves Lives

Watch and Share: Guy Felicella Proves Harm Reduction Saves Lives

This blog and supporting video may trigger some people. If you need emotional support to deal with a concern or feeling or are looking for information on...
Help Change Mental Health and Addictions Services in BC

Help Change Mental Health and Addictions Services in B.C.

You or someone you care about will likely be affected by mental health or substance use challenges at some point in life. These issues don’t discriminate –...
Participants smile at First Nations Health Authority Wellness Team workshop

Community Connection and Harm Reduction Keep People Safe

Western approaches to substance use don’t always work for Indigenous people and communities. Indigenous harm reduction is built on the foundation that reducing...
Two young men discuss and support each other through substance use challenges

Relapsing Is Not a Failure

Opioid use disorder is a chronic relapsing condition. This means it’s common for people to use opioid drugs again even after completing detox and treatment and...
Abbotsford group helps stop overdose

Abbotsford Group Makes Superhero Efforts to Help Stop Overdose

Superheroes give us hope and inspiration in times of crisis. Characters in our favourite movies and comic books undertake courageous feats to save the day and...
Paramedic responds to senior man sitting on park bench

Muscle Rigidity a Sign of Fentanyl Overdose

You can help save lives by being able to recognize the risks and signs of an overdose. Common signs of overdose are when a person:
Festival goers celebrate safely

Have a Safe Festival: Look Out for Each Other

Tickets? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Buddy system? Double-check. Sticking with your friends at festivals and events this summer means keeping each other safe...
Overdose Prevention for Event and Festival Organizers

Organizing for Safety: Overdose Prevention for Event and Festival Organizers

Organizers of music festivals, sporting events, and other large gatherings across B.C. are stepping up to plan festivities with harm reduction practices in...
How does stigma impact people who use drugs

Watch and Share: How Does Stigma Impact People Who Use Drugs?

Together we can stop the cycle of stigma Stigma is when people hold negative attitudes and beliefs about people who are different from them. Overdoses are...
Campaign shows people who uses drugs are real people

B.C. Anti-Stigma Campaign Adapted and Launched in Canada’s Largest City

On May 18, 2018, Toronto Public Health launched a new campaign intended to help combat stigma and start conversations about substance use in Canada’s largest...