Supporting Local Solutions to the Overdose Crisis

September 26, 2019. Article by: Government of BC

The overdose crisis affects people from all walks of life in every community across B.C. We can all be part of solutions that can help save lives and improve community wellness.

Evidence shows that harm reduction improves community wellness and saves lives. Services like overdose prevention sites, drug checking, providing harm reduction supplies, and peer-to-peer support programs help connect people to treatment and recovery programs and other health services. These judgement-free services empower people with knowledge and tools to reduce the harms of using substances. When people take steps to reduce harm, they are also taking steps toward healing and recovery

There are two new opportunities for communities to promote wellness and save lives from overdose in their communities. B.C. municipalities can apply for Community Wellness and Harm Reduction Grants until November 1, 2019. In addition, 35 communities most impacted by the overdose emergency are receiving funding for on-the-ground Community Action Teams. Learn more about these local solutions to the overdose crisis.

Community Action Teams are making a huge difference in the lives of people affected by the overdose crisis. One example of a Community Action Team project includes the Beyond the Stigma of Drug Use video series. Developed by ANKORS, these powerful videos build awareness about the stigma that people who use drugs experience and highlight how compassion can help build more inclusive, effective community-based solutions that reduce harms. Watch the video below and view the whole series on YouTube.  


We’ll be showcasing more Community Action Teams on – check back regularly to hear about projects that are connecting people with peer support, bringing services to people where they need them, reducing stigma, and more. 

Learn more about how harm reduction services are making a positive difference: