Share Your Ideas on How to Address Substance Use Issues

October 31, 2018. Article by: Government of B.C.

Make a difference in your community and across Canada

Has your life been affected by substance use? You might have experienced addiction firsthand, or seen a friend, family or community member struggle. Maybe you have ideas on how to improve access to supports and services, or how to reduce stigma around mental health and addictions

Your input can help create a nationwide approach to substance use issues based on compassion. 

The Government of Canada is looking for public feedback to update the Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy.

To help, complete this online questionnaire before December 4, 2018

Your experiences are important, too. You can share personal stories of how drug and substance use has impacted your life or the lives of people you know. These stories will help inform the next steps of the strategy.

Share your ideas on how to…

  • address root causes of problematic substance use
  • better address the needs of Canadians living with pain
  • reduce stigma around substance use
  • improve access to comprehensive, evidence-based treatment services
  • explore innovative approaches to harm reduction
  • apply a health lens to regulation and enforcement activities
  • support Indigenous peoples
  • address the needs of at-risk populations
  • ground substance use policy in evidence

Your important thoughts on these subjects and more can make a huge difference for people living with addiction across Canada, and the families, networks and communities they are part of. 

Learn more about the Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy consultation.