February 23, 2018. Article by: Government of B.C.

The overdose crisis affects all of us; whether personally, through a friend or neighbour or on the front lines of health care in our province. There is a human face to the crisis—many are the same people who support and cheer for our team. So, it makes sense for the Vancouver Canucks to be involved in such an important project.

Our goal, through this province-wide campaign, is to end the stigma that surrounds substance use, addiction and overdose by having conversations about drugs, trauma, mental and physical health. – Kirk McLean, Vancouver Canucks Alumni StopOverdoseBC Ambassador

Turning the tide on the overdose crisis will take all of us. That’s why the Government of B.C. has been working with organizations and people from communities across the province to significantly expand the reach of the #StopOverdose campaign. These partnerships have led to impactful accomplishments that are making a difference.

Working Together to Save Lives

The overdose crisis doesn’t discriminate. People from all corners of B.C. are being affected, which is why we’re working with diverse partners across all sectors to reduce stigma, raise awareness and promote compassion and respect in our response to this public health emergency.

Help spread the message. Contact us for more information if your organization, business or community agency wants to get involved.

By working together to get involved, get informed and get help, we can stop overdoses and save lives.

Thank you to the following partners who have joined our campaign and are helping to create a stigma-free B.C.