Overdose Awareness: The Power of Conversations

August 30, 2018. Article by: Government of B.C.

Talking about overdose could save a life.

This is one of the many messages championed by International Overdose Awareness Day. On August 31, people all over the world will come together to talk about overdose prevention, reduce the stigma of drug-related deaths, and remember those who have died or had a permanent injury because of a drug overdose. Events will take place across Canada and B.C.

Many of us have been affected by substance use and overdose. Sharing stories about these experiences isn’t easy, but is a powerful way to build connection and understanding. Events like International Overdose Awareness Day bring people together and provide the space to connect, share experiences, and foster compassion in our society. A more compassionate society – one without shame and blame – makes it easier for people to access help when they need it. As Judy Darcy, the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions said in her statement on International Overdose Awareness Day, “there is a shift happening, and many of us are having courageous conversations that open the door to treatment and recovery.”

How Can You Get Involved?

Change the conversation about addiction. Learn why words matter when we speak about addiction and watch the video below.  

We have to think about the terminology that we use. We have to listen to the voice of people who use substances.