Get the Lifeguard App

If you or someone you know uses drugs, Lifeguard App provides one more way to stay safer.

This life-saving app can automatically connect you to emergency responders if you become unresponsive.

Download it for FREE on your smartphone or tablet.

Over 90% of all overdoses occur when people use drugs alone, in their own spaces. Lifeguard App can save your life if you become unconscious or unable to function when using alone.

  • The app can be used anywhere there is data or WIFI.
  • This app is for everyone; whether it’s your first time, you hardly ever use drugs, or you use often.
  • Lifeguard App keeps you safe while protecting your privacy and keeping you anonymous - always!

How It Works

  • When you are about to use, especially alone, open the app. Record the type of substance you are using and confirm your location.
  • The app will hold this information, and a timer is set (you can pause or extend the timer at any time).
  • As the timer ends, the app will sound an alarm, flash a light, and vibrate.
  • You MUST hit a button to stop the alarm and indicate you are fine.
  • If you are unable to stop the alarm, a text-to-voice call will go straight to 9-1-1 and alerts emergency medical dispatchers of a possible overdose.

Remember, it is safer to use drugs when a friend or family member who can call for help is with you. Learn more about staying safer.

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