Hear from everyday change-makers who are working to stop overdoses. Learn from those who are helping to put a human face on the overdose crisis in our province. Powerful stories that can help others heal, provide hope and remind us of our humanity. Share these stories with others and get involved in your community. Together we can build greater awareness about overdose.

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BC Lions Start the Conversation on Substance Use

The toxic drug crisis has impacted so many—our families, our friends, and our communities have been touched. And the stigma surrounding addiction can make it...

BC Lions Talk About the Impact of Stigma around Addiction

The toxic drug crisis continues to have a devastating impact on British Columbians. Every day nearly 6 people are dying from accidental overdoses in the...

Canucks Alumni Talk About Stigma Around Addiction

Drug addiction is not a choice, it’s a complex health condition. But harmful stigma around addiction still exists. Vancouver Canucks alumni, Chris Higgins and...
Image says 'International Overdose Awareness Day'

Get Involved This International Overdose Awareness Day

This has been a challenging year for everyone in British Columbia, and across the world. August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day – a yearly event...
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Staying Safer This Fall

It’s exciting to see friends in a social way after so long – and it’s time to celebrate in the safest way possible.

Indigenous Voices on the Toxic Drug Crisis in B.C.

Having conversations about substance use, addiction, and overdose have never been more important. Watch Saige and John share their stories.
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Buddy Check for Jesse Supports Youth Mental Health

Buddy Check for Jesse – a youth-focused non-profit organization – is supporting coaches of youth sports teams to talk openly to their players about mental...
BC Lions Alumni, Travis Lulay and Geroy Simon sit together, talking about the overdose crisis in B.C.

BC Lions Alumni Talk About the Impact of the Overdose Crisis on Men

The overdose crisis is having a devastating impact on British Columbians. 2020 had the highest number of overdose deaths ever in B.C. Nearly five people lost...
Vancouver Canucks Alumni, Corey Hirsch and Kirk McLean, talking to each other about men's mental health.

Canucks Alumni Open Up About Men’s Mental Health

Vancouver Canucks Alumni, Corey Hirsch and Kirk McLean, want men to know it’s okay to get help if they are experiencing mental health challenges. They explain...
Canucks Alumnus, Kirk McLean, speaks about the impact of the overdose crisis in B.C.

A Message from Former NHL Goaltender, Kirk McLean, on the Overdose Crisis in B.C.

Canucks Alumnus, Kirk McLean, reflects on the overdose crisis in B.C. and how it has impacted those he cares about. He explains that it’s a bigger crisis than...