If you suspect an overdose, call 911 right away.


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The stigma around addiction causes people to feel shame and blame around their substance use. This stigma can cause people to hide their drug use and puts them at higher risk of overdose.

This website was launched in 2019 by the BC Government’s Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions. Its aim is to combat stigma around addiction and provide life-saving information to British Columbians during a public health emergency.

If you need help now, call 9-1-1. For medical advice and service recommendations, call 8-1-1 or visit HelpStartsHere.gov.bc.ca to find services in your community.

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BC Lions alumni

Over the years, the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions has partnered with a number of organizations to raise awareness about some of the issues facing British Columbians.

The Vancouver Canucks, BC Lions, Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Warriors Lacrosse have all supported StopOverdoseBC.ca. Watch some of these conversations in our Media Library.

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